The Selivcel Project

The Selivcel Project aims to to be the leading forum for online businesses to grow and for consumers to have high satisfaction through improving the knowledge of both in the effects of the law, business practices, and social science on the Internet so as to enable electronic commerce transactions to be as trouble-free and as fair as possible. We provide easy to understand guidance to help you get online fast, things to look out for so you don’t get ripped off or conned, as well as business start-up tips.

We’re a journalistic website composed of lawyers, business owners and other professionals. We aim to provide the best guides to improving your business using information technology, as well as tips, tools and techniques for using the law to help you overcome difficulties. We can’t, however, guarantee to be perfect, so use of the opinions of our authors should not constitute legal, financial or other business advice and must be used at your own risk and liability.

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. It also includes the entire online process of developing, marketing, selling, delivering, servicing and paying for products and services. Selivcel tries to simplify all this through providing op-ed advice articles from experts and other experienced writers in the field.

A large percentage of electronic commerce is conducted entirely in electronic form for virtual items such as access to premium content on a website, but mostly electronic commerce involves the transportation of physical items in some way. Online retailers are sometimes known as e-tailers. Almost all big retailers are now electronically present on the World Wide Web, and this website hopes to help smaller businesses take advantage of the growing use of the Internet to make their offerings available online.

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