The Trolling Academy

The Crocels Trolling Academy is an independent not-for-profit initiative of the Centre for Research into Online Communities. We promote an Internet free from cyberbullying where free speech is encouraged. This website uses peer-reviewed research and other scientific materials a basis to provide advice and support to experts and others.

We are the premier source of free information and education on Internet trolling on the Worldwide Web, with an increasing number of articles written by trolling experts through Op-Ed articles and our expanding Trolling Guide of trolling and cyberbullying information on the Internet to help people deal with ‘flame trolling‘ (abusive) and get better at ‘kudos trolling‘ (friendly).

Our growing Encyclopedia of Trollers, which includes Swansea University student Liam Stacey, is used by researchers, students and the media all over the world to construct articles and programmes as well as build comparative case studies about Internet trolling and cyberbullying. And our expanding Trollers’ Debatabase is used by debates and speakers to become more effective at debating and banter, including at ‘squirrelling‘ debates out of their intended blandness for humourous effect.

Through the courses we provide on a not-for-profit basis, we are raising people’s skills in trolling for good, as well as helping them deal with trolling done for bad, such as cyberbullying. This is done through providing advice and coping strategies they provide. The surplus from these courses are used for charitable purposes to support community projects in the West Wales and the Valleys region of Wales. The Trolling Academy has a strong history in this region – we were founded by Glamorgan Blended Learning Ltd at the Institute of Life Sciences within Swansea University.

The Trolling Academy is supporting the BBC Give an Hour campaign, which encourages everyone to give just one hour to help someone get online. All our one-to-one training courses have had the fee dropped by one hour’s worth of tutoring.