Keeping Safe from the R.I.P Trollers

Many have up until now thought of R.I.P Trollers – people who post abusive comments on memorial websites – to be solely doing it for the fun of abusing someone they don’t know. They are known as ‘Snerts’ (Snotty nosed egotystical rude teens) and do it for the ‘lulz’ (for the fun of it).

But increasingly researchers are finding that the reason established trollers do it is not for the lulz, but as vengeance for whom they see as disingenuous, who do not know the deceased person, but in their eyes ‘jump on the bandwagon’ even though the have no real grief. These include  Tony Walter (PDF).

In today’s age, it makes sense to have a page on a social networking service for friends and family to grieve the loss of a loved one. The problem is, that unless these groups are set up correctly then the fake grievers and trollers can wander in whenever they like. Here are some tips of how to remember a loved one without getting trolled or subject to fake tributes.

Facebook seems the most obvious choice at the moment for setting a memorial page for grieving family and friends of a love one who has passed away. In the picture below you can see the options that come up when one creates a group – select ‘Secret’ and add only the true friends and family of your loved one, as they are unlike to post abusive messages. Having it secret means it won’t be in search engines and even the most determined R.I.P Trollers woill be unlikely to find it.

To keep R.I.P Trollers out and genuine grievers in – use a Secret Group on Facebook

The reason many choose the ‘Open’ option for Facebook groups is because they want a lasting memorial in cyberspace for their loved one that is open for all to see. WordPress is by far the most effective solution for this. Many people will know someone, maybe even as young as 8, who can install a WordPress site for next to nothing, without the £1000s charged by many website developers. All the person installing such a website needs to do then is install the Secure Invites plugin and then only those who are signed up to the website can invite others. Even so, not everyone knows someone who can install a WordPress memorial website for free. However, rather than paying out thousands, our partner, The Crocels Press Limited provides a free and secure WordPress memorial website with the Secure Invites plug-in for free when you purchase your printed funeral RSVP cards or other printed material your require to remember your loved one who has passed away.

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