How To Use Wikipedia To Market Your Business

If you are running any type of company you are probably looking for any chance of marketing your website, product, or service. Among all the ways to promote your business online you still can get lots of attention with little effort. In this article I want to show you how to market your website using Wikipedia – one of the most visited websites in the world.

Do not spam Wikipedia

I want to tell you right away that I do not advocate spamming Wikipedia in any sense! You will get banned and your article will be deleted. The reason most marketers don’t use Wikipedia is because they tend to spam people. What I am talking about here is indirect marketing, which means that you will be providing people who are interested in knowing more about your company with useful information about what your company does.

Write an article

You have to keep in mind that your are proving people with information about your company, so the best way to go about doing it is to read though articles about other companies and understand the structure to base your own article on it. If you are going to use Wikipedia to market your business you are going to have to make sure you describe your company and your business instead of promoting it, because people from Wikipedia might ask you different questions, so you should always be ready to answer them.

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