How to safely remember your loved ones and avoid the R.I.P Trollers

There has been a rise in Internet abuse in line with increased using in social networking services. The ease of setting up a online community to remember a loved one who passed away is easy – but so is it for the miscreants who get joy out of tarnishing the memory of the deceased. This article will give you some general tips on how to avoid R.I.P Trollers on current social networks and future ones.

You should only consider making a memorial on a leading social network and not an independent one. Independent ones, such as Urban 75, may be low staffed and often have an attitude against censorship of abusive articles. Before creating a R.I.P community, even on an established social networking service, check what types of online community are available on that platform. There will often be support for minor groups and more advanced solutions for organisations and public figures. If the ‘group’ feature has the option to be a ‘closed group’ then pick that one. This means only people who you want to access the R.I.P community will be able to. If there is no way to have a closed group then go for the organisation group and treat your loved one as a ‘celebrity or public figure’. This types of community generally have much better tools for dealing with trouble makers and banning persistent abusers, such as making it easy to delete their posts or block their access. However you must be fair else the trollers could become ‘E-Vengers’ and reek more havoc if you treat them unfairly, such as by taking sides.

Unfortunately, having a protected R.I.P community is not the end of abuse for some people. The most determined R.I.P Trollers will set up their own groups and pages, make abusive videos and images, and other nasty acts. The only thing one can do in this case in practice is locate a ‘Flag’ or ‘Report’ button on the item to alert the website owner about the abuse. It would make sense to keep a screen shot of the offending media, which on Windows you can capture by pressing the ‘print-screen’ button and ‘pasting’ the screen-dump into a word-processor file to save. You can report the abuse to the police, who will record it, and may, if you are lucky, take action.

Further Information

If you would like help in the form of tuition to achieve the above, you can enrol on the Trolling Academy’s Internet Safety Awareness course where you can get one-to-one tuition. If you are a victim of an R.I.P Troller and need help, you can browse our Trolling Guide for support organisations.

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