Necessity of Monitoring Kid’s Internet Activities

To protect child from everything is the moral responsibility of every parent. This responsibility also includes protecting your child from dangerous situation arising due to excessive or misuse of internet.

Internet can prove to be risky for kids and teenagers if not taken proper actions by parents. So it has become necessary for parents to know that what their kids doing on the computer so as to protect them for not getting involved in any malicious activities and to get into some unusual or dangerous situations. Kids may get involved i to some situation which they may not feel comfortable to share with their parents out of embarrassment or some other reason. These situations can be harmful or dangerous. Nowadays, internet has become just one virtual platform for sexual predators who just try to victim our children and gets over friendly with them forcing them to meet personally as soon as they get successful to develop trust on them.

Even Social Networking websites have become the most popular way for online bullying. A bully can be harmful or dangerous to your child in many ways such as he can just create a page about your child on which other people can comment easily. The threat of Internet trolling can be maximum for kids who are under-aged and immature as they can be fooled easily and provide their personal information to strangers or it may lead to get themselves involved in some illegal activities like entering the porn websites, etc.

Because of these issues, internet security of the child has become very necessary. Internet Parental Control Software can be helpful to parents for this purpose. With Internet Monitoring Software, parents can monitor all internet activities for their child easily from anywhere and at any point of time with the help of parental control center. For monitoring them, you just need to have an internet connection. With the help of these kinds of software, you can also set restrictions, block or monitor, and record all the actions done by a kid on internet by just adding some settings which you get easily on these kinds of software. This kind of software can be downloaded easily from the internet.

Other than this, many more things can be done with the help of Parental control monitoring software which includes:-

  • Real Time Monitoring: This means parents can view their kid’s internet activity from anywhere, anytime. You just need to logon from your computer or iPhone application to monitor activities, setting up filters, and ensuring safe browsing for your child.
  • Create Custom Schedules: You can select time segments when you want to block the access of internet of your kid. These segments of time may be during their sleep time or study time, etc.
  • Internet Shut Off: You can stop all internet activities immediately with just one simple click in the parental control center online or with the iPhone application.
  • Setting Time Limits: This is a great feature for limiting your kid’s time on gaming and social networking sites. You can also set time limits for each day of the week.
  • Website Filtering: Website filtration can be done by parents to ensure safe browsing for their children.

So this Parental control software if used properly can be proved to be very helpful software for parents for ensuring their kids safety.

More information

Littleye is a Parental Computer Monitoring Software which is useful to track all internet activities of your child to save your child from the malicious characters and to get into some unsafe situations due to their immature behavior.

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