Equality Trolling using Popular Culture

There is an inherent problem in our societies. People are more concerned about attacking people for saying things that can be perceived to be discriminatory when they were not intended to, than take more proactive action to actually end real discrimination. This people who attack what people say, rather than question what they do, I call ‘PC Brigots’ – a mutation of PC brigade and bigot.

This fact, whilst unfair, provides ample opportunity for trolling.

We all experience popular culture, whether it is hip hop artists with black skin carrying guns, or white skinned alternative artists making themselves out to be better than they are. Take note of these stereotypes when you are watching films, music videos, reading magazines or just watching regular TV. People with black skin don’t all carry guns, and people with white skin don’t all puff themselves up – often except in popular culture.

So the next time someone says something, maybe offensive, or otherwise to try and ‘get one over’ on you, think of where something they said appears in popular culture assigned to a stereotype. Stereotypes include things about people’s age, sex, race, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, among others.

Each of these absolutes has more fuzzy equivalents. Age’s partner can be whether someone has young and enthusiastic attitudes or old and dated ones – regardless of age. Sex’s partner is whether someone is male or female, – regardless of whether they are a man or a woman. And race’s partner is ethnicity, which is someone’s cultural background in their mind (e.g. White) regardless of their physical make up (e.g. Caucasian). You can work out the others.

So you can Equality Troll either way – either with the PC Brigots, or other people unsuspectingly falling into a trap that even the most attuned brigots won’t pick up.

In the case of a PC Brigot, if they were to tell you that asking for ‘black tea’ was racist against ‘Black people’ you could say, ‘are you saying that all Black people are wet and heated? – you should be ashamed of yourself’. Equally if an unsuspecting person was to say, ‘you can never hold down a partner that is right for you – you are such a loser’, then you could retort, ‘Timbaland is always unlucky in his songs, are you saying because I like Black music I am a loser – you racist bigot!’

You could even consciously define yourself according to these Stereotypes. While there are more scientific means, this could be done using your music or film collection. Count up the number of songs you have by men, women, and men and women. If you had 10 songs, 3 men, 5 women, and 2 duos between men and women, then you would be 3/10 (i.e. 30%) male, 5/10 (i.e. 1/2 – 50%) female, and 2/10 (1/5 – 20%) transgender. You can do the same for any other stereotype, like the number of black/white artists, whether the artists have same-sex or opposite-sex partners, etc.

Once you have decided this, the next time someone attacks you and makes reference to something associated with one of those stereotypes then you can Equality Troll them. So, if someone was to say, as they did to me once, “I don’t rub that in people’s faces like a sweaty pair of balls,” then you can do as I did and say something like “I find that sexist. My gender is 81% male and 19% female. Are you saying that my feminine qualities of being able to remember anything for use in the opportune moment and being able to excel equally well in many areas somehow less important because my sex is that of a man?” After this exchange someone else said I was a ‘FoB’. I looked this up on urbandictionary.com and found it could mean ‘Fresh off the boat’ which is racist against Black people who used to emigrate from the Caribbean to the UK. So I said, “You mean ‘Fresh off the boat?’ That is a bit racist don’t you think? My ethnicity is ‘Mixed – Black and White’ because I am as influenced by White culture as much as Black culture. Are you somehow suggesting that because my race is Caucasian that I am somehow not allowed to be Black, in terms of being able to overcome adversity and appreciate the things I have that are important to me and see me through the bad times?”

So as you can see, by defining your ‘fuzzy’ stereotypes in terms that you are ‘mixed’, or ‘pluralistic’, then when someone says something against you (e.g. attacks you as a man or a woman) then you can claim it to be discriminatory against the opposite (e.g. if they attack you for being a chauvinist man then you can claim they are not recognising your ‘feminine side’ and it is they that are the bigots).

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