Make a complaint to the police if you have been accused of trolling

Do you think the police has not given due consideration to your complaint against somebody you told them trolled? If so, you might want to make a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

You can make a complaint if you have:

  • Experienced inappropriate behaviour from a police officer or member of police staff. For instance, if you have been treated in a sexist or racist way by a police officer who assumed you were a troll because of who you are and who your accuser is.
  • Witnessed in person an incident where a police officer or member of police staff acted inappropriately. For instance if a police officers says online they will take action against someone accused of trolling without having the full facts.
  • Been adversely affected by the conduct of a police officer or member of police staff, even if it did not take place in relation to you. For example you might not be able to use a website because the police had it taken down when no trolling actually occurred.
  • You think your local police force’s policy on trolling is not working, and so a ‘direction and control’ order needs to be issued to change it. For instance if the police are accusing people of harassment and issuing cautions to them when in reality they are exercising free speech.

If you think the police have let you down in one of the above areas then you can complete the complaints from at the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s website. This will then be referred to your local police force who will decided whether they should investigate it or whether the IPCC should.

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