Cooperative Advantage for New Media

This new course is tailored to those of all ability to help you get the most out of using the Internet to distribute information in a variety of media. One of the biggest problems with online information today is that the essential commenting or other social media add-ons can result in Internet abuse, commonly called ‘Internet trolling.’ Increasing participation is a core component of this course and you will learn the skills necessary to use the Internet to conduct research, present information persuasively online, and build a sense of community.


The course is made up of the following 8 modules of which 10 hours of study is required for each full credit.

  • Using the Internet (half credit)
  • Development of online community groups (half credit)
  • Designing websites for community engagement
  • Dealing with Haters: Understanding personality, aggression and abnormal behaviour
  • Engaging with the media in the information age
  • Constructing articles for new media
  • Skills for being interviewed by the media in the information age
  • New Media Research Project (triple credit)

Eligibility and enrollment

The course is open for enrollment to people of all ages and ability. The course is provided with a mixture of face-to-face and online learning. Please using the booking widget below to book your place on this course:

Choice of modules
1 Full Module (6 credits) £250.00 GBP3 Modules (9 credits) £700.00 GBP6 Modules (18 credits) £1,250.00 GBPEntire Course (27 credits) £1,250.00 GBP
Module Choices

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