How to get a premier website for free using WordPress

When people decide to commission a website agency to make a website for themselves or their business, there are usually a few core things they want:

  • To be able to easily update it with no further cost
  • To have an attractive design that keeps customer interest
  • To be optimised to attract and maintain visitors

All this is achievable for FREE using

When you set up a free website at you will get given a website address like: You can then pick your own web design (i.e. Theme) from their gallery of designs.

One of the best features of is that it gives you time to see whether WordPress works for you, so you can then decide whether you want to take advantage of its more advanced services. This can include having a domain name you have bought redirected to your free WordPress website. If you don’t have your own domain you should register one with a reputable provider, such as Domain Monster, and then you can just pay WordPress a small amount each year to have the domain you buy (e.g.

Another good feature of compared to buying from a dedicated website firm is that you have access to a whole community of people ready to help you out. This means you won’t have to pay higher charges just to get what you want from your website. You can even bypass the website designers all together and easily create your own web design.

Onwards and Upwards
There are something can’t do – And that is does not allow you to use the Themes and Plugins on You would need go to Internet contractors, like VECC, who can help you find a web agency that help take you to the next step – of having your WordPress site hosted on a dedicate server, with any feature you want.

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