Stop Cyberbullying of your child with internet monitoring software

Cyberbullying is when one child attempts to belittle or hurt another child using technology, whether it’s over the internet (like hurtful Facebook postings) or sending a malicious text to their cell phone. About half of all American children have been a victim of Cyberbullying in one form or another.

Many parents have turned to monitoring software to prevent or stop cyberbullying. Monitoring software is available for smartphones and for computers. Once the monitoring software is installed, it will capture all activity on the devices.

Here are some characteristics of cyberbullying; so you know more about it:

  • Pretending to be another child within an internet instant message or chat, or when sending a text message.
  • Posting hurtful material about someone on the internet; whether the material is true, a rumor or a lie really doesn’t matter as it can ruin friendships, relationships and damage reputations. Data posted on Facebook could be read by literally hundreds of people within a matter of minutes.
  • Sending intimidating or malicious text messages to a child’s cell phone.
  • Posting a person’s picture without their permission.

At least with regular bullies you could hopefully avoid them; with cyberbullying there is no hope of avoiding the bully, they can send a hurtful text message when you least expect it or post something on the internet whenever they want.

Computer monitoring software will silently record all internet activity and computer activity, it will capture screen shots (less than 1 minute) and internet websites visited, both sides of internet chats and emails sent and received, it will also give you a list of which software applications were used and for what duration.

Parents can then view the monitoring results when they sign into their internet account.

Monitoring software allows you to see and retain copies of all internet, smartphone and computer activity, if your child is a victim of cyberbullying the monitoring software will provide proof of the offense. Many victims of cyberbullying or their parents want to immediately delete the hurtful words but instead you should keep records of every offense as proof and to help find out who is behind the cyberbullying. Monitoring software will allow you to download copies off the internet of all activity which is helpful.

Some parents, using monitoring software, have discovered that their child is contributing to cyberbullying, sometimes unwittingly, by adding additional comments to internet posts…etc. The monitoring software allows a parent to see all internet activity and it can capture keystrokes as well so you can discover cyberbullying activity early.

Internet monitoring software is available for Macintosh computers as well as Windows and monitoring software is available for most smartphones as well.

Cyberbullying needs to stop! It is hurtful to all involved and has been linked to teenage suicide. Monitoring software is an easy and cost effective way to prevent or stop cyberbullying, so install the software on your child’s smartphone or computer today!

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