Helping digital teens understand bullying using Classroom 2.0

Classroom 2.0 is based on the principle that by using technology one can personalise learning materials to different pupils that take account of their abilities and interests. Many children are becoming diagnosed with autism and dyslexia. Many people with autism learn better when learning materials reflect their hobbies and interests. Many people with dyslexia can learn as much as others if the words used are simpler and less verbose. This tutorial shows you how by using  Microsoft Excel as well as Word’s Data-merge/Mail-merge, you can make printed hand-outs and worksheets which are tailored to each pupil or student. The tutorial assumes you already know how to use these data-merge functions.

  1. Download and open this Microsoft Excel file.
  2. Look at the ‘Student Profile’ tab in the first tab. It has columns which in the first row has a label for the data stored in that column, such as a pupils name under ‘Pupil Name’ and the most advanced word that pupil can use to ‘Describe’ something for instance, as you can see in the image below.bullying classroom 2.0 excel example
  3. You can change the content of the ‘rows’ in this file to made them personalised to your own pupils. You can create any number of columns you want with as many labels as you want in. So if you wanted to make your hand outs show a pupils favourite colour, then you would put ‘Favourite Colour’ in the first row of an empty column, and then add the favourite colour corresponding to each child.
  4. Then all you need to do is link this spread sheet to Word, and then insert data-merge/mail-merge fields using the labels on to the place in the hand-out you want to personalise to each pupil. This document is an example of a Word file that uses data-merge to personalise a hand-out on bullying, using the Excel file in part 1.
  5. When you print the data-merged Word document you will get a file that looks something like the one below.
  6. You can using this approach with any type of Word document you want to hand out to pupils.

Printed Hand Outs

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