Quotations from Trolling Academy founder Jonathan Bishop

Below are a number of quotations that the media can use for stories on trolling to help make bringing it to press that much quicker.

On Trolling in General

Jonathan Bishop founded The Trolling Academy. “Trolling is the posting of messages or content on the Internet that are either provocative or offensive,” he said. ”A line needs to be drawn between that which is free speech and that which is grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing, and a lot more needs to be done to strike that balance.

On R.I.P Trollers who desecrate memorial pages

Jonathan Bishop, founder of The Trolling Academy said, “Most R.I.P trollers plague memorial websites that they think are misused by people who have no real grief. They need to realise the consequences of their actions on families, however.

On Sean Duffy, a prolific troller

Jonathan Bishop, founder of The Trolling Academy said, “Sean Duffy is  an example of where the legal system could do better in relation to trolling. He is not going to stop re-offending after each 18-week sentence, he needs to be detained for a longer period for the safety of the public if he is not willing to change.

On Liam Stacey, a troller convicted for drunken abuse

Jonathan Bishop is founder of the Trolling Academy. “The case of Liam Stacey is the perfect example of the technophobia in the justice system.” he said. “The judge wanted to make an example of him, when similar examples aren’t made of the drunken and racist activities that go in daily in our towns and cities up and down the country. Liam Stacey was a victim of the very time he was in based on a media moral panic – it could have been anyone, but it unfortunately happened to him.

On Steve Rotheram and new trolling legislation

Jonathan Bishop is founder of the Trolling Academy and thinks Steve Rotheram MP’s calls for new laws is unnecessary, “There are a huge number of laws on the statute books dedicated to data misuse, many introduced by New Labour”, he said, “Politicians should start encourage law enforcement authorities to use more of their budgets for tackling trolling instead of just talking tough to woo voters

On V-Drinks’s V-hab

Jonathan Bishop is founder of the Trolling Academy. “The opportunist advertising by V-Drinks for their V-hab product is glorifying Internet abuse by trolls on the one hand and potentially encouraging violence against them on the other,” he said. “The way that V-Drinks appears to by paying people to endorse their V-hab drinks raises questions about the ethics of the websites because of what can be seen as the promotion of hate by their advertisements.

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